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Moving Case Files

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What is the process to move case files to a different computer. I need to move my case files from a Windows XP system to a computer running Windows 7. My case files are stores in the default location under Windows XP, see below:


C:\Documents and Settings\userID\Application Data\Intella


My evidence files are stored on an external eSATA drive.


I am currenlty running Intella 1.5.4.



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Guest KathleenK

Using the Case Manager (accessed when first starting Intella), you can choose the Export option to export your case file (the file extension will be .icf). On your new computer, use the Import option to import the case file. You will need to repoint the case to the underlying data when prompted to do so.

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If I have a large number of cases; is there a way to move my case folder with all my cases to the new computer and then open each one separately?


I also noticed that under Windows 7; the default location for Case files is "C:\Users\userID\AppData\Roaming\Intella\Cases\".


Is this a good location?

Should I start saving cases on the new computer in My Documents?

Will future versions of Intella allow you to specify the default location?



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Guest KathleenK

Hi Hagrid:


You should be able to move the entire folder, then use the "Browse" function in the Case Manager. You will need to point to the underlying data as well. Make sure you don't delete the original folder in case there is a glitch when moving the items.


As for the default location, Intella allows you to choose a location to save the cases. C:\Users\userID\AppData\Roaming\Intella\Cases\ is the default location if you have Intella choose the location. It is up to the User as to where they want the case stored.

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