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I'm trying to figure a way to show me emails which involve only two specific users, by that I mean emails between these two people that do not involve any other users.


It's not as simple as using the email address filter field because for whatever reason each of these users has 20 or more different email addresses listed under the 'all email address' tab, in many cases the same email address is listed multiple times (possible glitch or something to do with multiple sources?).


In any case I need to find a way to show only emails that contain JOHN or DAVID and only JOHN or DAVID in the to/from/cc/bcc/sent/sender etc fields.


Any thoughts?


I was considering trying a boolean search string but alas I'm very lacking in knowledge of boolean.

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Hello Adam,


This is again a question that comes up more often, so I think we should do something with this feature request.


The From and Sender headers always only contain a single address, so that's the easy part. The receivers can be many and spread across three different headers.


One idea we have it to offer a table that shows the number of recipients of a mail. Once you have narrowed down the emails that have either John or David as sender (From or Sender header) and either John or David as one of the recipients, you can simply sort the results table on this column and select the ones that have only a single recipient.


Clearly this is still not a trivial operation, so some dedicated search functionality may make sense, e.g. a checkbox in the Email Address facet that checks for an exclusive set of recipients. Would that work? Ideas are welcome.

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