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MS Outlook sources and <ORPHAN ITEMS>

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Hi everyone, 
I am opening this topic as quite a few questions related to the folder showed up in our support system recently.
For everyone who overlooked the explanation in the User Manual:


Intella will try to recover deleted items from the Outlook data file. Recovered items will be located in a special folder named “”.
Furthermore, Intella may encounter items outside the regular root folder in the PST file. Any such items are placed in a special folder called “”.
Note, that these items are not visible when the PST file is opened in Outlook. Typically they are left-overs from Outlook's own processing and may disappear when the PST file is compacted by Outlook. You can think of orphaned items as a special type of recovered items. It is normal that parts of the body or email headers are missing.
FAQs related to :
1) Are these orphan items normally available/visible for the user when using Outlook?
2) Are orphan items complete or could they be fragments of a message?
It is normal that parts of the body or email headers are missing.
Please help us expand this FAQ list - you are welcome to send any questions related to this topic that you can't find answer to.


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