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Microsoft Updates Crash the Intella Installation Process


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We have recently had some customers report an issue when Installing Intella, Connect or W4. The issue is that the Intella/Connect/W4 install process crashes, and in some cases, it can cause the system to blue screen. This issue has occurred after the user has updated to the new Windows 10 19041, or 2004 version. It appears that the new Windows updates have some type of conflict with the Sentinel Hasp drivers used in our products.   

We don't know if this issue occurs with every system that has been updated to 19041 or 2004. But, we do know that the users who experienced this issue have updated to version these Windows versions. We also know that this issue occurs at the last stage of the install process, which is when the Hasp drivers (required for dongle access and licensing) are being installed. In these cases, the installation of Intella/Connect/W4 will generally be installed correctly, and the only issue is that the Hasp drivers were not installed properly.

We always include the latest Hasp drivers with each release for our products. In this case the Windows updates have conflicts with the Hasp drivers in our latest releases. If you are experiencing this issue, you will need to manually download and install the latest Hasp drivers to resolve the issue. The steps below guide you through downloading and installing the latest Hasp drivers:

1.       Go to the following link.



2.       Click on the DOW0003346 link on this page.


3.       Read through the license agreement and click on the 'I accept' button (if you accept the terms).

4.       Save the Sentinel_LDK_Run-time_cmd_line.zip file to your system, then extract the haspdinst.exe file from the zip file to your desktop.

5.       Temporarily disable any security software you have running on the system.

6.       Open a Command Prompt (as an administrator) by searching for cmd.exe, then right clicking on the program and selecting the 'Run as administrator' option.



7.       Change to the desktop directory by typing cd %UserProfile%\Desktop in the command window, then pressing enter on the keyboard.



8.       Once in that directory, run the following command to remove the existing Hasp drivers.

a.       haspdinst -fr -kp -purge           


You should receive an ‘Operation successfully completed’ message. Press ‘OK’.

b.      Now install the new Hasp drivers by typing haspdinst -i


Again, you should receive an ‘Operation successfully completed’ message if the process ran correctly. Press ‘OK’ and close the command window.


9.       The new Hasp drivers will now be installed on your system. You can check this by opening a web browser and typing this link into the address bar.


The Admin Control Center will report the version of the run-time installer loaded on the system. In this case the new run-time is version 8.11.



 10.      Now you can install Intella/Connect/W4.

When it gets to the point where it installs a Hasp driver, it will detect that a newer driver is already installed on your system, and it will skip installing the bundled version.


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