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Eudora support?


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Hi Adam,


Good question! Eudora can be a trap for new players. Eudora uses a MBOX file format that is different to other MBOX files. You will need to do some pre processing to be able to index them. We also suggest reviewing the headers and contents to ensure you have not missed anything after the convert. 


Two links for you that will point you in the right direction. 




Eudora Rescue - is a Windows command-line utility designed to convert Eudora mailbox files to standard mbox format. The current version is 0.7.


Modified mbox- Eudora uses an mbox variation where a sender's e-mail address is replaced by the constant string "???@???". Most mbox clients store incoming messages as received. Eudora separates out attachments embedded in the message, storing the attachments as separate individual files in one folder.
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