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Social Graph - suggestions


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So I'm definitely loving the new Social Graph feature in 1.7.1. However, there is one feature you could add that would immediately improve its utility for me:


• A threshold setting or slider that filters out links between participants if the number of messages exchanged is below a certain number of messages/hits.


Longer term suggestions (which I'm sure are already in the works) would include:


• Ability to aggregate variant email address information (or various email addresses, phone numbers, etc) into a single entity. 

• A word graph of search terms; if I search for a term, show me the other words (and/or participants) that are most highly correlated with that term, with the same filter as the above suggestion.

• Abilty to save the results of all of the above adjustments, and any visual movements or adjustments that are made. 


Excited to see this new feature and looking forward to where it will be going in the future!

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Hello Walt,


Great feedback, we really appreciate this!


The filtering of edges (and perhaps nodes as well?) based on the number of emails is indeed high on our wishlist, as is every other improvement that makes the graph more manageable, both visually and computationally.


Another idea I had is the option to collapse all nodes from the same domain (e.g. gmail.com, enron.com, ...) into a single node. You'll get a different type of graph, showing the communication patterns between hosts, that can be useful as well and that can scale to much larger sets of items.


I plan to add an option that instructs Intella to automatically merge all nodes (= email addresses) that share the same contact name. Manual merging is indeed another way, but my expectation is that it's only practical for smaller graphs; in large graphs you may overlook that a single person is represented by multiple nodes. That's why "CTRL+F" is also on the wishlist :)


The last idea I want to mention is to "do something with time". I'm not sure what this will result in, but these social networks change over time, perhaps related to certain events. It would be great if we could visualize that.


Thanks again, and more input is welcome!

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Oh, like a time range slider, or "all events between these dates" filter... if it could visually update/animate over a certain time range? That would be really cool! You could watch traffic patterns build between two people, for example.


Regarding the merging of entities, automatic would be great for sure, but I'm just thinking in cases where you have a clear person of interest, it would helpful to be able to manually group multiple email addresses (or other identifying information) into a single node.


All of these features sound excellent! Now if I could just import phone call logs as well... :-)

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