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Backup Query 1.6.4


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I am just trying to sort out a bit of housekeeping and would appreciate if someone could corroborate my understanding of the backups folder.


I have set up an internal SATA drive on the manager workstation. I have set up a folder on that drive for all case backups and within preferences set that folder as the generic backup folder from the manager and reviewer workstations.


My query is, as the cases and reviewers change does that folder location need to change or do sub-folders need to be added for each case.


My reading of the manual is that all case backups are stored at that location.


I just want to clarify that when a backup is successful it removes previous backups of that case only, not all backups, ie the folder can only hold one backup.




Jerry W

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Hello Jerry,


You would only need to specify a root folder for all backups. You don't need to create sub-folders for each case, it's done by Intella automatically.


You are correct, when a backup is successful, it replaces only the folder that corresponds to the current case, and it doesn't touch any other folders.

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