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Optimising Intella (Slow performance)


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Have been getting inconsistant results where performance is very slow and where it runs at about 1000 items a minute for a short burst then for hours at 1-10 items a minute.


It doesn't seem to be a hardware issue as it's not using much RAM and not utilising the CPU very much. The HDD is a SSD which isn't highly utilised.


System is a core i7 CPU with 8GB RAM and the case & evidence on a 250GB SSD.

Evidence is 3 PST files with a total size of 38GB.


I have tested against an alternative product which also uses lucene and it's a lot faster. (~4x faster)

Have attached an image showing the dropoff in performance.



Any recommendations for optimising it ? Would prefer to use Intella.






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Hi Daniel,


Strange indeed. I would expect no more than 3 hours for that case. The slow indexing speed point to a problem somewhere. 


Would you have the time to try the following:


1. Try the case on 2 drives. One for the case file and one for the evidence.

2. Try the case on a non SSD drive - I know this sound silly but worth ruling out. 

3. Send us the logs


Can I ask if you are using the 64 bit version or the 32 bit?

Are you using 1.7.1?  

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