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Installation specific resource allocation limits


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Intella 2.3 lets the user specify crawler resources to be used.  This is good and bad.

Our feature requests:

- Add back the ability to configure the number of crawlers and crawler memory allocation to the inj config files.
- Add the option / checkbox in the case config to specify that the Intella installation-specific limits should be used for processing this case.
- Use the crawler and memory allocation specified in the config files as an upper limit to prevent over-allocation of resources.

In our team we have several people running Intella cases on system with differing HW specs. A crawler config that might be perfectly fine for one system will bring down another system to its knees, crashing not only the running Intella processing job, but also any other task that might have been running on this system.


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Thank you for your feedback on this.

In Intella 2.3 we moved management of the memory settings from the .l4j.ini files to the case preferences, where they are edited via the Case Manager.

Among the reasons to do so is the fact that the settings that are required to successfully index, or even open, a case may (also) be data dependent, e.g. related to the number of items, or the presence of files of a specific nature such as MS Exchange EDB files. Such memory settings need to travel with the case when it is migrated to a different machine, or when it is picked up by Intella Node.

Furthermore, the old settings had to be repeated for every new Intella installation on that machine, as well as on other machines. End users may even lack the permission to alter the .l4j.ini files on their machine.

Nevertheless, you are totally right in that the system used to open the case is also a major factor, especially when it comes to crawler settings. We are anticipating future enhancements to memory management, including system-specific preferences/upper limits, and sanity checks on the stored values w.r.t. the machine the case is currently opened on.

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