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Exceptions, Reprocessing, Case merging


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We are looking for features in Intella that allow for

  1. selective re-processing of items and families of items; and
  2. change in the behavoir of the 'export into case' function relating to items that previously resulted in processing exceptions, i.e., when a case containing a 'cleanly' processed version of an item is merged into a case where the same item perviously resulted in processing exceptions, the 'exception' item and associated meta data including exception flags will need be replaced by the 'cleanly' processed version of the item.

Background: During processing Intella will eventually generate exceptions. This cannot be avoided. Depending on what the affected items contain and what the underlying issue is, you may find yourself in the situation where you have re-process that one item or its parent, e.g., after having made changes to Intella memory allocations or to the source container, having added credentials. The issue here is, that Intella offers all or nothing, i.e., the entire case will need to be re-processed or the source needs to be removed and re-added. Depending on case size such reprocessing can be very lenghty.

Attempting to re-add the same source or subset of the source to the case will fail to be reprocessed as unless the item that previously failed has a different MD5, Intella will not actually process the item again and merely track it as a duplicate of item that was processed intialy and resulted an in exception. The duplicate will be shown as having the same exception as the 'first' copy of the item.

We have examples where we created a new case with different settings / decryption credentials and managed to process the source data (with the same MD5 as the one that failed in another situation) without exceptions. Upon exporting this 'clean' case into the case where the processing of the item(s) being merged resulted in exceptions, we are facing the issue that the newly imported items will 'inherit' the exception from the initial case. This leaves no option other than to either alter the MD5 of the source item (!) or to reprocess the case (can be very lengthy).


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Selective re-indexing is indeed on our roadmap. I see how the change in how items are merged into a case makes sense and how that can be used as a workaround in the interim, so definitely worth looking into!

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