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Indexing of encrypted items


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I tried to use the Disk Image (L01) as the Source for Intella 1.6.4. After indexing, Intella found thousands of encrypted files. Most of them are Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF files.

Is it possible to allow user to provide open-password for each file manually and then re-indexing it, so that I can indexing all the files in the L01 images without create another dummy case/source for decrypted files. :)

For example, highlight all the files with the same password in the Details panel, then right-click input password, then choose re-indexing.

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Hello Chris,

After indexing completed, I selected all the Encrypted entries in the Features facet, and then displayed the "Encrypted" and "Decrypted" columns in the Details table. Afterward, I exported all the encrypted items from the Intella and dropped it into the Passware to recover the passwords.

Few days later, I inputted the passwords into the Key Store in the Intella, then I clicked Source -> ReIndex, it toke me half days to reindex whole source again. Is it possible to reindex the encrypted items only? :huh:

Also, the decrypted items still require password to open, could you add a tab to show which key is used for decrypting the file? :ph34r:

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Hello Kevin,
Apologies for the late reply!
At the moment this cannot be done, but I indeed think we need to make that possible in the future.
For now, what you can do is gather the Passware-processed items in a folder and add that as a new source. Then only these items will be indexed.
The drawback is that you'll have the items twice: once still encrypted and in their original location and once decrypted and in an artificial location. Not perfect, but certainly faster to index.


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