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Is there a way to delete (or rename) an Export Set?  I have a case in which I created an Export Set with some error in it.  Unfortunately, when I fixed the errors, I created a new Export Set with the same name as the bad Export Set.  It is really confusing to have both of these in the same case, so I'd like to delete the bad one (or rename it).

I see that there exists a button to "remove" an Export Set from the Export menu.  This button doesn't seem to actually do anything, though.  Perhaps this hasn't actually been implemented?

Thank you!


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This one is actually easy.  Do this:  (1) pull up some items from your case; (2) highly some for export and then right-click and select Export > selection... (you'll actually abort this operation, so don't worry about naming or the destination folder not being empty); (3) check the box for "Add to export set"; (4) then select that radio button for "Add to existing set," and then select the export set you want to delete from the drop-down menu; (5) when you select this radio button, the previously grayed-out "Remove" button will be highlighted, which you can then click to delete the export set containing the error.  

Intella will give you warning prompt to make sure you have selected the correct export set to remove.  Once you proceed, Intella will irreversibly delete the export set, so just make sure you have selected the right one to delete.

Hope that helps!



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Hi Jason,

Thank you so much for your answer.  My apologies for the extreme tardiness of my reply.  Things got a little crazy after that post, and I never managed to get back here.

Actually, I've tried the method you mentioned (see my original post).  I've just tested this again using Intella Pro 2.3, and the button still does not seem to function correctly.  I am given the warning prompt to confirm deletion, but nothing seems to happen whether I click "Yes" or "No.  In the screenshot below, I am attempting to delete export set "Elluma-P01 - Initial Mailbox Upload":


Perhaps case corruption is to blame?  Have you been able to get this functionality to work on your data sets?

Thank you so much, and again, sorry for the long delay!

Best wishes,


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