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Export - File Naming and Numbering


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Hi group.

I am performing my fist exports of tagged data with Intella and am wondering if you have any pointers/suggestions for a good naming/numbering scheme. The protocol does not specify any specifics for naming/bates stamp conventions. - just that each tiff/page needs a unique number with no gaps.

One party wants a load file (with TIFFs), another party wants just PDF renderings of everything (they don't use a review platform).

I suppose I could perform the export as a load file "type" (export screen 1). On the "Load file options" screen I can check both the "Include image files" (with format TIFF) and the "Also include PDF versions of images" option (for the party who only wants PDF).

"File naming and numbering" screen:

After some testing (and following along with the Intella Load File Ceation youtube video) I am not sure I am selecting the ideal naming/numbering scheme. Any suggestions here? Would a good scheme that works for both parties (one with a review tool/load file and one without a review tool - just looking through PDF renderings) be something like:

<Unique number for each file starting at 00001>.<page number of that file> ?

So, for example, a Word doc with 2 pages followed by a Word doc with 1 page would be something like: 00001.001, 00001.002, 00002.001

- not sure how this would play out with email messages and attachments.

Any guidance would be welcome (favorite naming/numbering options, etc) - Thank you.

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Hello!  I though that your questions could be best addressed visually, so I took a few screenshots of the load file export dialogues that address the settings you're interested in.

With regard to providing TIFF and PDF, you simply need to check the option for "Also include PDF versions of images" in the load file options dialogue.  I always specify another location for these files, as the scenario you're describing is not uncommon with productions in litigation matters.  This provides maximum flexibility in your scenario.

With regard to file naming, although not incorrect at a technical level, the options you are describing aren't really the industry standard with regard to ediscovery, and will likely cause confusion.  It's just not what they're expecting to see, so it will likely raise questions, and you don't want to have to provide that type of explanation.

Check out what I did in the file naming and numbering dialogue, which includes the syntax for what you're after.  Specify your prefix, use the syntax to specify the number of digits, and move forward.  Everything happens in that one text field, under the advanced setting.

Hope that helps!

P.S.  Be sure to to create an export set with each production, and save the log in at least CSV format as SOP. 


Jason Covey


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