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Create community-based / open-source parser library for SQlite DBs etc.


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When processing data from systems and mobile devices one very often finds file-based databases and data structures. Most popular is SQlite, but there exists others as well (Microsoft EDB, and one could probably even consider plist files to fall into this category). The (table-)structure of these files is application-specific, i.e., varies widely.

My proposal would be to create a template format that allows for two things:

  1. Template-based specification of (SQL) queries. The query results would then be represented as items in Intella (either per line or by SQL 'GROUP')
  2. Definition of mappings of query result fields into custom columns (including type specification, e.g., date, GEO-location coordinates, String, Integer etc.)

Allowing people to share their templates for the various applications (and versions thereof) that they have created templates / parser for, would enable the building of a library.

The advantage would be that otherwise missed information can be added to event time lines and app-specific GEO-location data to be extracted and identified.

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