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Number of Email Messages send to each recipients

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On the left side of the timeline chart, I see the number next to each recipients as below


Person A /o=ABC/ou=Exch.. (50)

Person B (30)

Person C (47)

Person A (98)


I noted that Person A have two rows, one is Legacy Exchange Distinguished Name and the other only display Person's name. Is it possible to group those names?

Also, is it able to create a summary report for finding out Number of Email Messages send to each recipients. (In descending order)? :)

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Guest KathleenK

It is not possible to customize the display in the email facet. It is listing in alphabetical order by email address, not the alias associated with the address.


You can export out the email address, number of items received (or sent if you are on the sent field), and the alias associated with the email to a .csv file. To do this, go to the email facet, highlight the all receivers field, right click and export values. You can then apply a sort in the spreadsheet.

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