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Intella's Online Training and Export to i2's Analyst Notebook


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I would appreciate information regarding these topics:


1. Intella's Online Training

The only information that I come up with is what's posted here: http://www.vound-sof...e.com/training. There are dates but I can't find price, requirements, or any other details. The linked form is only for registration.


2. Export to i2's ANB

According to the manual (1.6.2) "Templates, import specifications and instructions are provided for Analyst’s Notebook and iBase" and there is an instruction to contact support. Is this the only way to get these materials? Couldn't they be posted in this forum for easy access?


Any help and/or directions regarding these issues is greatly appreciated.


Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

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Guest KathleenK

Hi Newbie:


The online class is $495US for the four hour class. If you are interested, please register through the website and I will have your sales person invoice you. The class is hosted through GoToMeeting. You will need an internet connection and either dual monitors or two computers. One to watch the presentation on and one for you to work with the Intella program. If you do not have an Intella dongle, we can arrange for a demo license for you to take the class.


I will post the information about i2 shortly.

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