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I am hoping that someone may be able to urgently help


I am running a large number of search many using phrase searches but Intella 1.9 Team Manager is doing some very inexplicable things


We are running a search


"john smith"


the found items highlight many "John" s and "Smith"s but not "John Smith"


the syntax is correct


Is it possible that the search worked correctly but has not highlighted it


Is there some other syntax that can achieve the same result?


Can anyone explain why this is happening?



Also is there anyone out there who is available and willing to come to Paris to urgently assist us?   

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It's hard to judge based on the description that you've provided whether this is a user error or something else. 


Running a phrase search "john smith" finds items containing "John Smith" and highlights queries properly in my test case. See example:




You can check out whether search is working properly in your case by searching for "John Smith" and then checking out few items from the result set whether "John Smith" phrase is actually present.


In order to provide you with more information I suggest you open up a support ticket attaching an item for which you think highlighting doesn't work properly (or at least provide us with some screenshots demonstrating the issue).

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I really appreciate your help.


I think we have solved it.


The lawyers were entering multiple sets of different expressions such as


"john smith" OR "bob smith" OR "dav* jones"


I now believe that intella would have to make this 3 searches and then work out what you need from the cluster map.


I would be good to know if this is correct but the testing i've done so far it looks to be true

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I am glad you solved it.


Braking a single query


"john smith" OR "bob smith" OR "dav* jones"


into three separate queries


"john smith"
"bob smith"
"dav* jones"


and then making use of a cluster map to find items of interest is a way to go.


Similar thing can be achieved using "Include Search" (see User Manuals - 13.2.1 Including a facet value).


Let's say that you phrase of interest is "john smith" - in this case you would make two queries like:


"john smith" (include search)
"bob smith" OR "dav* jones" (search)


Doing it that way only one cluster map would be produced containing all items that contains phrase "john smith" and one or both of the phrases "bob smith" or "dav* jones".


As you see the beauty of Intella is that you can achieve same thing with different approaches.


Side note:

There is an interesting post on "Testing keywords queries" topic that might be of interest for you:


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