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I have two issues I am trying to urgently resolve while in the middle of a very time critical investigation and I am hoping someone may be able to help.


1. We need to extract a copy of the search terms used in a large series of saved searches, preferably with the number of items found.  My question is, is there a way and how do I do it?


2. Having used the searches to identify 100+ interesting sets of data that need to be reviewed we tagged each set according to the search term.  When we open/search the tag and open the preview pane the document contains none of the usual information about the key word's location in the file. Is this right?  If not, what am I doing wrong and how can I fix it.



Hoping to hear from someone

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Hello CFA,
1. There is no automatic way to extract search terms from Saved searches directly. The good news is you can do it manually by evaluating each of the Saved searches and then do the Export of queries (right click on the Searches panel -> Export queries). Produced CSV/XLS will contain following data:

Facet, Result, Total Count, Count after Includes and Excludes


Search term will be placed in Result and number of found items in Count column.


For more detailed statistics the Keywords tab (User manuals: 16.4 Keywords tab) in Statistics view can be used on the Keyword list created out of the data produced in the previous step.
2. This behaviour is normal. Hits in previewer are highlighted only when Keyword Search is present in the Searches list. This can be achieved using Saved search or Keyword list. Example: 
Let's say we have a tag Intella where keywords of interest are:
  • Vound
  • Intella
  • eDiscovery
In this case one would have to make Include search for "Intella" tag and then do an ordinary query of Saved search or Keyword list containing the words of interest in order for those to be highlighted in the previewer.
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