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Intella 1.9 beta testers wanted!


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Hello all,


We are getting close to the Intella and Intella Connect 1.9 releases, which feature a large list of improvements:


A selection of the improvements in Intella 1.9:

  • Added indexing of MS Exchange EDB files, in their entirety or by mailbox.

  • Added indexing of Skype databases.

  • Added indexing of SQLite databases.

  • Added custodian support.

  • Added support for determining keyword statistics.

  • Added the ability to refresh a case and pick up new evidence items.

  • Several improvements to indexing IBM Notes NSF files.

  • Added primary date and family date attributes.

  • Added tag group columns, showing only tags from a specific part of the tag hierarchy.

Additionally, Intella Connect 1.9 will have the following improvements:

  • Connect can now index new cases by itself or delegate indexing to a separate machine.

  • Added support for LDAP providers.

  • Added custodian support.

  • Added primary date and family date attributes.

  • Added export sets functionality.

  • Added tag group columns.

We invite our users to try out a beta version of this release.


Should you be interested, just reply to this topic, send me a private message or open a support ticket. We will then provide you with the necessary information.

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