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Hi All,


We are currently working a case and are having some problems getting Foxmail email into Intella Team.

We have had a long day on this and it seems to us that Foxmail have dropped the mbox extension, emails appear to have no extension at all!


The versions of Foxmail we are dealing with are various flavours of V7 (V7.2, V7.1.3, and V7.1).

Our current work-around is to dump the user accounts out to eml format; we do not like the idea of doing this for 50 custodians and 400GB of email; anyone been here and done this before, any third-party tools used to achieve this?


Many Thanks to All in advance.


Alan Jeffries

D3Forensics Limited



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It appears to be that all emails are stored inside a single file with no file extension, and a second file seems to be an index file for all the email.


Due to time limitations on the current case and the fact that it is Chinese New Year (we are based in Hong Kong) we are exporting email from Foxmail in .eml format for all custodians. This is the only option for export.


Not ideal but there seems to be no other option, we cannot find other software, tools, scripts that will convert this.


A fix would be magic!



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