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I'm not sure if this has been mentioned before, but in a future version of Connect, I would like to see the ability of users to create export sets and the ability to download content in native format separated into two different permissions.  The latter is an essential feature, and is a life-saver in the event a document isn't displaying correctly in the previewer, isn't printing correctly, etc.  Allowing a reviewer to access this feature frequently negates my receiving a support inquiry.  


Export sets is another matter, entirely.  All of my users would be completely overwhelmed by what creating an export set entails and don't have the skill set or experience to negotiate it.  Yet I have to provide them access to that in order to permit the download of native content.  Further, and more importantly, having this permission enabled opens the door to a user attempting a massive export, consuming significant system resources, and negatively affecting other users.  Thus, separating these two permissions would be a very useful administrative function.  



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Hello Jason,


Thank you for your request. I completely understand your need for this. I will pass it on to the Connect developer team.


FYI, we are already working on several new permissions:

  • An "admin" permission, so a specific user can be given admin rights. This way there is no need to share the admin account among people and the admin actions can be logged in a better way, for auditing purposes.
  • A "case manager" permission, so you can control who can create and manage cases without giving them the option to control the entire system.

Any ideas for other permissions are most welcome!

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