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Proximity search using more than two words

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We got an interesting question from one of our customer with regards to Proximity search using more that two words.
As this might be valuable information also for others I decided to publish the recap of an answer:
Proximity is actually the number of other words permitted between words in query phrase.

If zero, then this is an exact phrase search. Please note that ordering doesn't matter.

Let's look at the example:

"vound connect intella"~3

Will match:
"vound intella connect" (words in between: 0) 
"vound extra words here connect intella" (words in between: 3)
"vound some words connect separated intella" (words in between: 3)
"intella vound connect" (words in between: 0)

Will not match:
"vound too many extra words here connect intella" (words in between: 5)
"vound some words connect further separated intella" (words in between: 4)

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