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Refining Keyword List Search Results

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Hello, can anyone offer advice on how to narrow the results of a keyword list search? I am using the keyword lists to identify recurring names and addresses in a large group of pdf documents. The lists are doing a great job of highlighting the names and addresses that I need to redact.

However the search results are also giving me dozens of common words like "the" "to" "wall" "and" "door" etc. that are completely not what I am looking for. Using the redaction tool is not saving me any time with all these false hits.

I have tried creating a list of words to exclude, adding that as an additional keyword list, and searching with that list in along with the others, but that list is not giving me any hits at all. I also tried adding the word NOT in front of all the common words to exclude and searching with both the require and exclude options to no avail.

Hoping someone out there has more experience and insight on this. Thank you!

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Hi Susan

Sorry for the delayed response. You can refine your search a couple more ways by choosing the options drop down menu and excluding fields. Another option or in combination would be to type some of the common words into the keyword search field, and in the search drop down choose the "exclude" option. See attached screenshots below for reference. 



Screenshot (35).png

Screenshot (36).png

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