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PST Indexing Issue

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I have just encountered a strange situation indexing a PST that I have never seen before.  To this point, I have never had a PST that opened correctly in Outlook then fail to index correctly in Intella.  Today, I have two small PSTs that repeatedly caused a memory leak or something that resulted in 100% RAM usage, which forced me to kill the main Java process.  From the outset, I believe that the origin of these PSTs are an Exchange-side search result across several custodians, with subfolders representing their source locations in the custodian mailbox. 


I ran them both through ScanPST, which found minor errors and repaired them.  So I indexed again, in a new case even, with the same result.  The largest one is like 95 MB, so this isn't any kind of size issue.  I have yet to throw a more powerful repair utility at it, but since it opens correctly in Outlook, I'm not necessarily convinced that it will even help.  I can go back to the client at this point, but without a specific problem, I'm not sure what I can accomplish with that.  And I seriously doubt he'll have any further insight on the subject.  I hate to pull MSGs out of the PST since there is an extensive location structure, but I guess that should be the next step?  Maybe export from Outlook to a new PST?  Fortunately, this is not a forensic situation, so if I had to do something like that, I could, but I always prefer not to if there is a less intrusive option.  Any ideas?




Jason Covey 

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To provide a quick update, I was able to get the issue resolved with Kernel for Outlook PST Repair.  Unfortunately, these contain highly confidential information that is under a court's protective order, so I can't share it, but I did want to report back that the repair software had worked.  So at this point, I'll have to revise my statement to read that, I have never had a PST that opened correctly in Outlook then fail to index correctly in Intella that wasn't subsequently corrected with Outlook PST Repair.  Your mileage may vary...




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