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Intella Connect 1.8 beta 2


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Today we finished the work on Intella Connect 1.8 beta 2.


This release features the following improvements:

  • Allow more than 3 tags to be used as quick tag buttons in the Previewer.
  • Added collapsing and hiding of paragraphs in the Previewer, as well as searching for a given paragraph.
  • Let the native view of an item use all available vertical screen space.
  • Lots of user interface polishing, e.g. improvements in UI responsiveness, print output, display of tabular data.
Also have a look at http://community.vound-software.com/index.php?/topic/202-intella-18-beta-2/ for the corresponding beta 2 release of the desktop software.
Send me a private message or reply to this topic when you want to try out the new release.


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