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Beta - Optimization Folder


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Hi All - In advance of the beta here is some details on using the new Optimization Folder. 


Note that Intella will index the evidence first (You will see activity in the Indexing Speed graph). Then it will start case creation (no changes in the graph).  Case creation takes about the same time to create as the indexing phase. This is different to 1.7.X that indexed and created the case at the same time. 





Note in the image above. The Speed Graph shows that evidence processing took approximately 175 minutes. The total case times was 5.46 hours -  346 minutes. So case creation took 171 minutes. 

125 gig of PST's
i7 with 16 gig RAM
+ 20gig per hour on
$800 computer


Set up your system as such.


Drive 0: OS Drive

Drive 1: Case Folder

Drive 2: Evidence/ESI 

Drive 3: Intella Optimization Folder  (at least 1.5 times the evidence size)


RAM 32Gig or above.

OS is best at Win7 or 8. (but Server 2012 will work fine)

For Drive 1,2  and 3 we suggest FAST drives such as. SAS,  SATA or RAID if possible.


No Green Drives, USB2 or 3 or network drives.



Here is how to set the new Optimization Folder feature. 


Add new case.





In Case folder Select 1 drive. Then click Advanced to add the Optimization folder.





When in the add Source wizard (after case setup) select the 3rd drive that has the evidence to be indexed. 




In the example above  the evidence is on the D:\ drive so as to have 3 separate drives. (Drive order or letter is not important,  just use 3 physically different drives - no USB2/3 or Network folders). 

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