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Microsoft Teams Conversation Topics


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I noticed Intella does not parse some valuable fields related to thread summaries and topics.  In comparing a recent case to data found in Nuix, I noted the fields Nuix parses that Intella does not:

- Mapi-IOpenTypedFacet.Com_Complaince_Summary

- Mapi-IOpenTypedFacet.Com_Complaince_Summary#Summary

- Mapi-IOpenTypedFacet.SkypeSpaces_ConversationPost_Extension#Topic

I am unclear if the chats I am looking at are standalone chats, or conversations tied to a Teams meeting.

This data can be valuable to investigations where individual chats are not responsive to searched terms, but the subject/topic data are; as a result, any chats within would be relevant.

Apologies for any formatting issues, I am submitting this via my phone.

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