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How to run a Diagnostics Report

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When encountering technical issues with your Intella Investigator/Connect software, our priority at Vound Support is to provide you with swift and effective solutions. The system enables the creation of a comprehensive report detailing server diagnostics and usage patterns spanning the last 12 months. This data proves invaluable in troubleshooting support-related concerns and assessing the overall health of the system. To generate this report, users simply need to click the 'Generate Report' button. Subsequently, the report is downloaded as a standard text file, providing essential insights such as the hardware specifications hosting Intella Investigator/Connect, the count of shared and active cases, memory allocation, and the number of active users, among other details. It's important to note that this report excludes any confidential or case-specific information.



This guidance is intended for all Admins of Intella Investigator/Connect who may require technical assistance from Vound Support. Whether you are encountering software errors, facing operational challenges, or simply seeking to optimize your experience, the information provided here will help streamline the support process.


Steps to take:

  • Click on the arrow on the Right Side besides your User

  • Select About Intella Connect

  • Click on Generate Report on the bottom side of the page

  • Share the generated report with Vound Support Team



More information on this topic can be found here: https://www.vound-software.com/docs/connect/2.6.1/Intella%20Connect%20Administrator%20Manual.html#_about

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