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Best Practices to Search for Phone Numbers (?)

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Any suggestions on how to write a good query to search for phone numbers in emails?


The issue here is that phone numbers could be of various lengths and written in different ways. For example: 22334455; 22 33 44 55; 2 233 4455; 2 233 44 55; 2 2334 455; etc.


Any ideas greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Guest KathleenK

The easiest and quickest way is to search phone numbers is to use the phone number facet. You can also use a wild card search and point to just the Authors and Email Address field. For instance, if I want the area code 480, I can search for 480* in the search box. Under Options, Unselect all options except for Authors and Email Address, then click search.

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Txs Kathleen, appreciated.


I have tried a number of queries including wild cards, proximity and fuzzy. My issue is that I cannot bind my search with any other parameters, such as a name or author, etc. so I only have the numbers and even these are not structured, so I cannot count on an area code always entered as xxx, etc. Also I deal with very big files so wild cards alone on partial number references yield a very big result set. In any case I am working on a combination of queries and getting acceptable results.


However, I do not have a phone number facet. Is that possibly a version issue? I am working with 10, 1.4.3. Any ideas?


Thanks again for your prompt reply.

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The Phone number facet became available in Intella 1.6. I note you are using 1.4.3, can I suggest moving to a new "much faster" 1.6? 1.4.3 is many versions old and near the end of life for support.


Please do read the release notes before doing so. There are implications for your 1.4.3 cases.


You can download 1.6 and the release notes at http://support.vound-software.com

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Hello Admin,


In reference to the upgrade to 1.6 mentioned above, I have checked the documentation and it looks great. However, I found this: "NOTE: that this installer file is used for Intella 100, 250, Intella Viewer, Intella TEAM Manager and Reviewer." I have Intella 10, though of course, with a valid dongle to go with it. Can I still go through the upgrade and the following dongle update?



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