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Wishlist: Ability to convert Outlook meeting invites/responses to PDF like other .msg files


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We use Intella to process and convert large quantities of various government emails to PDF. Since public servants love to book meetings ;) and most governments in Canada use Outlook/Office, the files we process regularly include many Outlook meeting invitations and replies. In Outlook these function as standard emails and save as .msg files. However, when indexed by Intella, they're treated as iCalendar/vCalendar files and thus do not properly export to PDF in native view like other emails. So while we can use Intella to rapidly convert large quantities of .msg email files into sorted PDFs in a way that closely or exactly mirrors the native file (i.e. including all basic metadata like to, from, timestamps, subject, attachments, etc.) it seems we have to manually convert any and all calendar .msg files because Intella only exports the basic text from the body of the invite and can't be calibrated to include the key meeting data (sender/recipient, subject, time/date, etc.). This makes the Intella exports of these files incomplete and unusable. 

I'm not sure what the best fix is, since I'm sure there are valid reasons for having Intella treat these as iCalendar/vCalendar files, but I would love to have some way to reliably convert these .msg files to PDF directly from within Intella like we can with other .msg files.


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