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Keyterm Question


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I will be testing a set of keyterms once my indexing is complete but since Intella seems to have it's own rules regarding search terms, I need to figure out how to search for certain items.


I have a list of several hundred keyterms that all need to be searched as OR terms, so I was planning on using a keyword list.


Some of the terms are proximity searches, which normally wouldn't be an issue except that these proximity searches include exact phrases.


What I am trying to figure out is how in Intella do I search for:


"real estate" within 5 words of "investment"

"real estate" within 5 words of "investment opportunity"


The phrases within quotes need to be exactly as shown.  I don't want hits for [real w/5 investment] in example 1 or ["real opportunity"] in example 2.


If this is simple, I am all ears.  The lack of ability to nest phrases is hanging me up here...


Intella seems to use quotes for both exact phrases and grouping for proximity searches.

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Since I need this for a case I am working on right now with fairly tight deadlines, after not hearing back here I submitted a ticket to support and received an email saying that search syntax quesitons will not be handled by support.


Guys, I have to tell you that the documentation inthe manual is so lacking regarding advanced search queries that it is not acceptable to deflect advanced query building quesitons to a forum with no gurantee of a respnse, let alone a timely response.


Perhaps having chat support is the way to go here.  alternately, a sub forum that is contiually staffed during business hours with someone able to advise on syntax.


In addition, I would love to see an advanced search builder whitepaper by Vound, since the search syntaxes are significantly different from the standard DTSearch queries.  Nesting is the main issue I seem to have, and when no explanaiton is offered in the manual, I am simply left to wonder if this is possible as I have a hard time getting answers from anyone.


As much as I love what Intella can do, I feel like this is a glaring issue that has been raised enought times to indicate to Vound that further documentation and discussion is required.  My support plan is coming up for renewal and I want to be sure I am getting support for issues other than "Intella does not open"...



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Thank you for your feedback. 


You could make use of tagging to get to the results you wanted. 


Search 1: "real estate"


Search 2: investment"


Tag the overlap


Search 3: "Estate Investment"~5 Include Tag


The above may need a few tweaks  but it is the similar to the  method we teach in training rather than the single search string approach that we don't suggest.     



There is also the Lucene documentation that details what searches are available. 



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