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Updating your dongle.


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When Vound releases a new major release or feature release of Intella, all users are required to update their dongle(s) to be able to use the new release. When a minor update is released, no dongle update is required.


You will require a dongle update to Intella 1.6 if any of the following occur:

  • If Intella 1.5 worked correctly but Intella 1.6 does not open
  • Intella does not open when you use your dongle
  • You only have access to Intella 10 despite having purchased a licenses for Intella 100, 250 or TEAM
  • You get a "Trial license expired" on opening

If you have any of the issues above, you may need to update your dongle to work with the new version 1.6. To help speed up the dongle update process, you can now update your dongle automatically.


To update your dongle(s):

  • Go to Knowledgebase, download and install Intella 1.6.
  • Click the Windows Start button> Vound> Intella > Dongle Manager
  • Open the Dongle Manager and click the Check for Updates button.

If you have a valid SMS, your dongle should update to the new version. If your SMS has expired, you will get an error and will need to contact sales to renew your SMS.


NOTE: We have experienced some issues with the Dongle manager.exe process on corporate networks due to proxy or firewall issues. If this is the case, please try to update your dongle from a non corporate network or send your latest C2V files to support@vound-software.com.


IMPORTANT: Please read the release notes before using 1.6 on new cases.

Release notes: http://www.vound-sof...ase%20Notes.pdf

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