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Table Presets - Global Option?

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Very, very, very new user here.  I couldn't find this in the forums.

I noticed that my table presets I have created for one case do not show up for the next case I create.  I see in the Intella manual that appears to be the norm.  Is there a way that I can export my table presets, or is there a 'global' option where I can create table presets that I use on every case?

Thank you for any assistance.


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Hello David,

Every case that you have created has their own set of table presets which you can create as much as you like. You can utilize these presets if you create a case template which newly created cases can be indexed upon.

To create a new case template, select a case in the Case Manager and click the “Export as
template…” button. This opens a dialog box where you can specify the path and name of the Intella
Case Template (ICT) file and select the template components to include.


For more information on Case Templates and Table Presets, please check the User Manual sections 8.7 Case Templates and 19.1.4. Table presets.

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