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Space monitoring and improved error reporting & handling


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Running a larger environment we at times have the situation multiple Intella instances or other tools are competing for the same resources. If then, for instance, the case folder or the optimization drive runs out of space whilst processing, Intella will fill the log with errors (no space left on device) and report a generic error condition. We also had situations where the case folder location had run out of space, but this remained undetected resulting in a case that was corrupt without us realizing this to be the case.


  • Ensure clear and transparent alerting on filesystem errors that have occurred during processing
  • Spawn monitoring threads that monitor (e.g. sample free capacity every x seconds) available free space on case folder locations and optimization folder locations. If free capacity drops below a configurable threshold, the monitoring threads can pause the running processing and display an alert (send an email?) allowing for the processing to be resumed (assuming space was never actually exhausted).

Just an idea...

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