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Error processing Lotus Notes source


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First time I encounter this message in processing nsf files with Intella.  However, all files originating from this source cause the same error.


I would appreciate any information on how to properly interpret the message and advice on the necessary steps to remove the warning and proceed with indexing.


Thanks a lot in advance!




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Hi Admin,


Thanks for replying.


I have not been given specifics about pw/encryption/Notes ID file, but the files' behaviour points to conflict with one or more of these LN security features.


Trying to open the nsf in the LN client prompts the following warning: "You are not authorized to access that database."


I am trying to obtain the custodian's LN ID file to add to the Key Store.  Would that be sufficient for Intella or the user's LN account pw is also required?


In addition, when I opened the Key Store I also got the following Warning: "JCE Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy Files are not installed!  Intella will not be able to decrypt some data."  Is this connected in any way?  Should I do anything about it in any case?


Thanks again!

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It looks like your .nsf's are password protected. You will need to have or remove these before you can work with the .nsf files. The simplest thing to do would be to ask the Lotus Notes admin who supplied the .nsf files to remove the password before they give them to you.


Or you can add the Notes ID and password to the key store. Section 4.1.4 and 9.4.2 of the 1.7.2 manual discuss how to do this. 


By default you will not be able to decrypt many S/MIME or PGP emails until you have installed the Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policyfiles in Intella’s installed application files. Due to US export policies we are not allowed to distribute these files as part of Intella. 



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