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Jumping quickly to flagged rows in Details pane

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I am in a situation where I have a very large list of items in the Details view with some flagged items (rows). In order to do what I need to do, the list needs to be sorted by Location and I am having to page-down numerous times looking for these flagged items in order to review surrounding files of different file types.


It would be helpful if there was a mechanism in place I could use to quickly jump to flagged rows, keeping the sort order I have in place intact - just be able to jump quickly from one flagged item to the next.


- perhaps a keyboard shortcut, or little left-right arrows within the Flagged column header, or little highlight lines in the right-side scroll bar indicating Flagged item positions, or ... :blink:

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Guest KathleenK

You can sort by multiple columns. In the Details Pane menu bar, click on the icon with the AZ on it. You can first sort by your first field, then sort by the flagged field.

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Thanks for the multi-sort reminder.

If I am sorted first by location (with 100's-1000's of differing locations/item paths sorted alphabetically, and most are unique), however, I do not see how any other secondary sort will have an effect.

I will goof around with the sorting when I get back to the Intella computer later tonight. - Thanks for all of your replies Kathleen.

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