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select and de-duplicate all sources for export as .pst


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Greetings, the community,


Intella 100 1.7.2


Sources are google email snapshots in MIME type message/rfc822 format


I need to select and de-duplicate everything in my sources to export to .pst. 

How do I query to select and de-duplicate all sources? or is there another quicker way to accomplish what I need to do?

Thanks in advance,

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Hello Jenny,


The easiest and most reliable way to query for all items is to query for the root node(s) in the Location facet. If you added all evidence as a single folder, there will be a single root node and searching for it produces a single result set. Else you need to use CTRL-clicking or SHIFT-clicking to select all root nodes. Next, click Search.


This produces a Cluster Map with one or more clusters. Select them to show them in the Details table below. Tip: when you have multiple result sets, select one of them in the Searches list and then type CTRL+A to select all of them.


The Details table now contains all items. Make sure the table is in deduplication mode to get to the set of items that you want.

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