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Remove Tags, does it follow the tagging preferences in reverse?

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Do the tagging preferences have any bearing on the untagging of items?


- Just wondering if I need to fiddle with the preferences before untagging to make sure only this one item is untagged, and not all duplicates, attachments, and the like as set in my tagging preferences.



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Just tested this and untagging DOES follow the rules set for tagging in the preferences.


If there is one particular item you would like to untag for whatever reason (and do not want to affect any others), make sure to head up to the preferences and set the tagging preferences to "Only tag the selected item" and uncheck "Tag all duplicates".


Perhaps there should be a check box in the "Remove Tags..." window, similar to the "Add Tags ...", to "Override tag preferences".

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Guest KathleenK

You can right click on an item to remove tags or go to the tagging window and uncheck the item. A warning though, it will remove the tag according to the tagging preferences that are selected.

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