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MHT File Support


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We use HTTrack to capture websites for investigations and have been using the .MHT file format to capture the sites (we also use other tools including PDF). Intella will process and parse the MHT file and separate out the underlying files, but it treats the MHT file as an email message. Therefore when you preview the MHT you get an email view and not the web page view.


Intella Email View




Intella Attachment View




The below image is a preview from another tool and represents the preview shown in the web browser if the MHT file is opened.




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HI - Some work was done on the previewing of HTML in the 1.7.2 version. Are you able to try the same in that version... When you do look at the Preview Tab (now moved next to the Content Tab) ... 


Please let us know your results and we will see if we can improve if need be.... 

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