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Efficiently searching across parent-child relationship


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I'm wondering if there is an efficient way to return hits on e-mails if the e-mail includes a particular sender or receiver AND an attachment to the e-mail contains a search term.


I could accomplish this by searching for the search term, viewing all the parent items and then searching those parent items for the desired addresses, but with a long keyword list this is inefficient.  I may end up doing it anyway, but I want to make sure I'm not missing something obvious.


Is there any way to return hits on the parent e-mail when the child attachment contains search terms?

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Hi Bulldawg,
I think that your way of doing it is correct. I could achieve same results with those steps:
  • Perform a Keyword list query (checked Combine queries).
  • Select all results in items table and perform Show Parents action available in the context menu.
  • In Show parents dialogue Only consider emails in the path should be checked
  • After pressing Ok, new cluster map will be constructed.
  • Now the Keyword list query may be removed from the Searches list as it is not needed anymore.
  • At this step only one cluster should be shown representing all e-mails with attachments that contains at least one of the words in Keyword list used in Step 1.
  • The last step is to Include only the mails of specific sender/receiver:
    • Select sender/receiver in the email facet
    • Press Include in the Search button dropdown
  • Now there should be only one cluster representing e-mails of specific sender/receiver with attachments that contains one of the words from Keyword list used in Step 1.


Can you please elaborate on this statement "with a long keyword list this is inefficient" as I am not sure what exactly did you mean?
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Thanks, that's what I'll do.


What I meant by inefficient was if I were searching one keyword at a time and needing to repeat all the steps for each keyword.  I often need to produce e-mails in files that are split by what keyword was the hit.  It would be quicker if I could search something like "keyword where parent.email.to:address@example.com"

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