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  1. Thank you for your reply Adam, I believe that your proposed solution (tiffing) is the one that is used in Relativity where it works really well. This feature could be complementary to the standard PDF export in Intella. The best would be if the header and details would be as it is and the body of the email would be presented the same way the attachments are.
  2. Hello, I am new to the community so I am not sure if my wish was not already posted by someone else (I checked and found nothing). I work only on corporate projects and all of them ends by handing relevant emails over to a client. Due to the regulations in my organization all outgoing electronic files must be in the PDF file. For this purpose I use Export to PDF option in Intella. The problem is that when exporting an email, the paragraph ends and blank rows in the email body are not transfered into the PDF. All formatting in the exported pdf is missing and the email text is not divided making it much harder to read. I received negative feedback from various clients regarding this issue, claiming that the files are almost unreadable. If there is any workaround I do not know about, please I appreciate any help.
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