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  1. Need recommendation on best way to use my available hardware setup for the best performance: 2 Dell Enterprise Servers, each with 12 cores and 64GB RAM Both servers run VMWare ESXi (so I have 2 virtual hosts) Storage is a RAID 10 SAN connected to hosts via iSCSI across gigabit enterprise switch. Ethernet is through gigabit enterprise Cisco switch. I have built 2 Windows 2016 Server virtual machines. One for Intella Connect and the other for a Node server. Each with at least 12 cores and 64GB of RAM. Where is the best place (which server) to store the evidence data files? Where is the best place (which server) to store the Case files? We are interested in faster indexing and OCR performance.
  2. We are regularly unable to get to individual cases in Connect because when we hit the link to go to a case we are presented with a page saying "Preparing Case" . Sometimes this will last 15 minutes, sometimes hours, sometimes the page will never proceed past this point. We are on Connect 2.1.1 on 12 core and better Dell servers with 96GB of RAM. Storage is on enterprise iSCSI SAN. Plenty of resources and speed here. Anyone seen this?
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