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  1. Hey, As several members in my team are reviewing the same case, we are usually importing cases to 2+ external harddrives (still, same case). So, we have user 1 and user 2, we have case A, and we have case instance A.1 and case instance A.2, right. Is there an easy way to import all the tags from A.1 to A.2? Thanks for support.
  2. Thank You, i've already went through those threads. We are definitely going for 6 cores, we are however still debating, whether to go with i9-8950K or Xeon E-2186M. Both Intel processor have same amount of cores, threads, cache and same speed (2.9, up to 4.3), however Xeon comes with ECC support. Do You think that might be an advantage for Intella processing?
  3. Hello Guys. We are about to purchase 2 new workstations (mobile, high-end laptops) for purpose of intella processing. For now I have been using 2 machines as follow: i7-4720hq, 32 (4x8), 3 SSD's inside: 2 tb system + source, 1 tb case , 1 tb optimization, nvidia 980mx, both run on win 7 enterprise. We are considering going for an upgrade to boost our intella processing capabilities, that's why few questions arose: Should we go for 6 cores (i7, i9 processors, having in mind single case was never bigger than 500 gb as source data, usually 95% is around 200 gb)? Should we consider going 64 GB of ram? Based on our current knowledge, we should get machine with 4 separate drives to put source and system alone. Will going for HDD source instead of SSD source have an noticeable effect on processing time? GPU: is it necessary at all in pure Intella machine? Is it power used by any task in Intella? OS: Should we switch to Win10? Of course we are limited by the budget, but if the increase of performance will be notable, like for example going for 64 ram and i9 processor with dedicated GPU - we will most likely take that option. At the same time I'm sending a direct e-mail to support with the same questions to have more input into that. Thanks!
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