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Cannot see email or file content when previewing internally

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Hi all

This is an issue I hadn't seen before.

When I try and preview an email or file internally I only see the name of the document or email and not the content. If I preview the document or email externally I see the content. This includes not seeing anything in the preview tab, raw data, properties etc.

Interestingly when I run a keyword search it does find data, so that would indicate the indexing has been successful.

Any help gratefully accepted.  This is an urgent case by the way (Aren't they all)

Chris McNaughton

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Chris the only time I've seen this before was when the indexing process was interrupted or failed to complete properly.

I would try reindexing (if you haven't already). 

Also for urgent issues I'd always suggest starting a ticket or emailing support directly, as much as the team try to monitor and reply here I have noticed that from time to time they are not as active as I'd not they'd like to be. I suspect close to update release time they get caught up in the work and can't be here as much....

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Hi Chris,

When seeing issues like this it's indeed best to submit a support ticket. Out engineers are working around the clock so often you get a response very vast.

Now, what Adam has suggested (reindexing) is actually the best way to ensure that the case indices (databases) have been properly rebuilt. However, it's worth to check indexing logs, Exceptions Report and "Errors" branch in Features Facet beforehand. It will give you a better overview of the state of your case.

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