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Hello AdamS! Sorry for the delay in response.


Video files:

Currently we do not show a preview of video items in the Previewer, so there is no way of watching the video file directly from the browser. You can download it and view it in some native application, though.

We may add thumbnails of the videos (snapshot taken in the middle of video file) in one of the future releases, but this hasn't been assigned to any fixed date yet.


To give you some insights. The topic of streaming videos is rather broad and not easy to accomplish. Web browsers support just a few formats of video files, so we can't really rely on their support here. We could do some video pre-processing so that we could support more formats, but that would either make indexing process longer, or would take up a lot of server resources if we decide to do this on the fly. Thus, any work in this area is still ahead of us.


The best way for you to watch video files is indeed downloading them from the Previewer (this action is available in the top menu) and use some video player to have a look. That gives you the most options, since if you will find some strange video format you can always find appropriate codecs and install them in your system.

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