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Intella Connect Getting Started Guide

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Instructions for using and sharing a case with Intella Connect.


****** Please note that the trial license does not allow the use of RDP or Virtual computing *******


Intella Connect can be used to open and review any case made with Intella 100, Intella 250, Intella Professional (Pro) or Intella TEAM Manager.




For this demonstration we are going to use Intella Connect to review a case made with Intella TEAM Manager. The image above shows the Intella TEAM Manager and Intella Connect icons on our Desktop.





Above we see the Intella Case Manager showing a number of cases made with Intella TEAM Manager.



Installing and starting Intella Connect


Install Intella Connect by running the installer. Next, double-click on the Intella Connect icon on the Desktop or select Intella Connect from the Start menu.


Note that no splash screen or window will be shown when you start Intella Connect. Instead, an Intella Connect icon will show in the Windows system tray.




Locate the green Intella Connect logo in the system tray and either:

  • double-click on the icon, or
  • right-click on the icon and select "Cases".

This will open the Intella Connect Dashboard in your web browser. When requested for a user account, enter "admin" as username and "admin" as password. These are defaults that can be overridden by modifying *.properties files.





Sharing a Case


Select the case you wish to share by clicking on the case name in the Dashboard. This will show the case details on the right of the page and allow you to access the settings and share function for that case.


Please note: the first time you share a case, you may be asked to set the Windows Firewall to allow networking for Intella Connect (see image below).





Click Settings to set the TCP port and passphrase for that case.




Once complete, click Share.




The image above shows the case having been shared. Note the location of the case address and port, highlighted by the red arrow above.



Reviewing with Intella Connect


The case is now ready for review from a networked computer.


Open the listed case URL on a remote computer that has TCP/IP access to the computer specified as the Intella Connect server. In the example above the case URL is


When this page opens, the user will be asked for a username and password. The username can be anything. The password is the one set in the Settings box described above.





Once logged in, you can use Intella as usual.



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