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Basic overview of the Intella Connect system

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This post provides a basic overview of the Intella Connect system and its components. This is useful to gain an understanding of Connect if you plan to purchase or trial Connect.

Intella Connect is a web-based investigation and eDiscovery platform. It is ideally suited for use by enterprise, law enforcement and regulatory agencies in civil, criminal or policy-related investigations. It allows you to share any case that has been made with Intella 100, Intella 250, Intella Professional (Pro) or Intella TEAM Manager. The shared case can then be reviewed by one or more reviewers using any of the supported web browsers.


The reviewers do not need a license dongle, and no software installation, or download is required by reviewers to review cases.

Cases can also be created and indexed directly in Connect by the administrator. The sources for the case can be indexed using Intella Node, which is a processing component.

The administrator manages case creation and indexing, users, roles and permissions, and case sharing.




Parts to the Connect system:


There are 3 parts to the Connect system.


-The Connect server


The Connect server is the main part of Connect. As mentioned in the introduction, this is where the administrator shares cases, sets up users, configures roles and permissions etc. The Connect server can be configured to use SSL, and it can also be configured to work with LDAP.


The administrator can configure connections to Node indexing systems. Cases can then be created, and evidence can be indexed on the Node systems using the Connect interface. 


-The Reviewer system


The reviewer system is basically any computer which has a supported web browser. The user is provided a link to the shared case on the Connect server, and login credentials to access the case.


-The Indexing system


The Indexing system is a separate system to the Connect server. This system runs Intella Node which is the indexing and processing component of the Connect system.







We recommend installing Connect and Node on separate systems. If they are installed on one system, you may have performance issues with indexing cases, and the review of cases.


In regards to the installation of Connect and Node, the Connect installer file can be used to install both, Connect and Node.  Both products cannot be installed at the same time, so two installation processes are required to install Connect and Node.


The installer files, release notes and user/administrator manuals can be access from the Vound support portal at the link below. You will need to create a support account and log in to access this information.





Additional information:


This is a basic overview of the Connect system. A detailed description of the settings and features can be found in the comprehensive user/administrator manual for Connect.



We have additional information for the setup of Connect, and its use at the following resources:


Community forum



Video resources





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