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Error Code 500


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Good morning,


We have a case shared in Intella Connect that gets:

"Error response code: 500
Please contact support if this error persists"

after every search completed.


It's not every case, and we have backed up the case just in case, but where is the best place to look for how/why the error is popping up and what needs to be done to fix it?




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I have seen this from time to time and while I'm not sure exactly what is causing it in my case stopping the Connect service and restarting it often will correct the error. In some cases a full reboot of the Connect machine is needed.


Admittedly it is rare that I see these but that seems to work for me.

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Generally speaking error code 500 means that something unexpected has happened. I must say contacting support is not usually needed. Very often it's enough to open case logs and see if the exception logged there is not something that user can work out himself. Sometimes it's something as simple as temporary I/O error happening on USB or network disks. In that case refreshing web browser tab might help immediately. If however this happens every time it's best to open a ticket in our support portal.

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