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AOL Personal Filing Cabinet Files

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I have a case where the client says he has emails, which were said to have been sent to another, we do not have any of the original emails, just an email address, using EnCase we can see some hits for the email addresses, although little or no email appears to have come back.

I've processed the exhibit with Intella, but not had any hits, any advise in relation to how to process AOL files? I can see the data within EnCase, although it's not a simple or easy process to view the messages/emails.  I'd like to be able to show/provide the client with any emails that match the search hits, without spending hours and hours on manually processing the data.

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Thanks, I've tried it, but for some reason it's not reading the files or converting them, the file header reads 'AOLVM100'.  the app appears to be AOL9.  EnCase parses the data, and the messages, although it's been a manual process to get the data out.

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