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Many apologies if this has been addressed before. I'm trying to do a search on [space]PR[space]. Currently my searches bring up hits on President, apr, process, etc. I tried searching on " PR ", also tried searching on PR and doing an exclude on *PR* and $PR$. None of these attempts appears to have worked; the number of results is the same. I'm sure there must be a way to include spaces and isolate two or fewer letters in the search.


Thanks in advance for any assistance!


Jenny Blaine

Security Analyst

University of Minnesota

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Hello Jenny,


it is possible to search for words in Intella, it is however not possible to search for spaces. If you would like to search for word PR, please clear all your searches, then search exactly for "PR". In the results, only word PR will be a hit. Words like president, apr, process should not be a hit.
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